The Sights and Tastes of Charleston

On a recent trip to Charleston I was able to enjoy the culture and food of this amazing city while I was in town to run the Cooper River Bridge 10K. My sister and I arrived to the holy city on a beautifully sunny April afternoon. We planned our arrival two days before the race so that we would have plenty of time to explore and enjoy picturesque downtown Charleston.

Our first stop was the Cooper Ridge Bridge Run race expo. The venue for this event was in North Charleston at the Charleston Convention Center. There were a ton of vendors for our shopping pleasure! We sampled food, received a free pair of compression leggings from Dick’s Sporting Goods, purchased some great “recovery” sandals by OOFOS, and picked up our race bibs and packets.

Afterwards, the day was still young so we checked into our cute Airbnb and then set off for our quintessential Charleston Horse-drawn Carriage Tour. The humane treatment of animals used during tourism activities is very important to us so my sister and I throughly checked out this company before we made our reservation. These horses are well taken care of and governed by many mandates. Our tour guide was great and gave us a lot of history on the city, its buildings, its people, and the culture. Early settlers of Charleston came from Barbados and the evidence of that is still quite visible in current day Charleston. From the home and building designs to the street names and churches. Barbadian influences as well as other cultural influences including African and French helped to shape the holy city. Until this trip I didn’t know that Charleston had its own French Quarter! Also speaking of the holy city…Charleston got that name because it has over 140 churches! When those church bells chime it really gives you goose bumps!

We loved the carriage tour but…the best way to see Charleston is by foot! On our second day in town we were blessed enough to find a free parking spot down near the battery. That way we wouldn’t have to keep running back to feed the meter or pay a whopping $20 for an all day parking lot. As we strolled the many streets of Charleston we saw beautiful breathtaking historic homes that had the most quaint and charming courtyards and piazzas, window boxes beaming with colorful flowers, ornate wrought iron fences and gates, and (new to us) earthquake bolts!

Another great thing that Charleston is famous for is the Cooper River Bridge Run 10K. This year was the 41st annual run/race and this was our year to participate. So after two days of sight-seeing and food tasting we were ready to compete in our first 10K! We weren’t trying to beat our best time or come in first. We just wanted the experience… and what a fabulous experience it was indeed!! Crossing that beautiful bridge with the other 40,000 people was something that we will never forget. The completion of this 10K helped us surpass personal goals and check off bucket lists. We met some great running buddies and can’t wait to do it all again next year!

Our food adventures in Charleston were epic and I can’t even describe how delicious everything tasted!

I recommend the following restaurants and eateries the next time you visit Charleston:

  1. Toast of Charleston
  2. The Noisy Oyster
  3. Eli’s Table
  4. Kilwin’s of Charleston
  5. Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit
  6. Kaminsky’s Dessert Cafe

Charleston was definitely everything that we though it would be and MORE!

Until next time Charleston!


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