Welcome to Eats Lifestyle! I’m Nichelle. I’m a FOODIE, outdoor adventurer, and a lover of traveling, especially within my own state! I live in beautiful North Carolina with my husband and family and I’m on a mission to simply enjoy life! God and family are the most important in my life. They guide and inspire me in everything I do and accomplish. I enjoy cooking and baking for my family and friends and showing my love through my art medium…food!

EATS stands for Eats (food), Adventures, Travels, and Sips (beverages). So here you will find a mix of great food and drink (recipes, food product reviews, dining experiences, and etc.),  family memories being created through adventures and traveling, and perhaps some other random things that I love and enjoy.

I have a few food kryptonites in life…oatmeal raisin cookies, hot dogs, original yellow bag Lays and Lifesaver gummy candy!!

Thank you for visiting!!